writing career


2011.02~2018.07 HIPHOPLE Editor / I was one of the administrators, operators, producers.

2011.11~2018.03 Editor of Scatterbrain

2013.06~now Writer of ILDA

2014.01~2016.12 Writer of weiv

2014.03~2016.12 Writer of Beehype

2014.12~2017.01 Editor of Idology

2015.03~2016.02 Press of Goham20

2017.01~now Red Bull Korea Editor

2017.03~now Writer of beSuccess

2018.03~now Writer of British Subculture

2018.03~now Contributor of SCMP Young Post



2016.01~2016.12 Writer of Big Issue Korea

2013.10 EBS International Documentary film Festival, Program Note Contributor

2014.05~2014.08 Contributor of KBS Journal

2015.05~2015.09 Guest Writer of ARENA Homme Plus

2015.05 Co-Writer for the book “American Hip-hop”

2015.12 Co-Writer for the book “Korean Music Industry Directory Book 2015”

2016.01~now Writer for Jazzpeople

2016.10, 2017.10 Jarasum International Jazz Festival, Program Note Contributor

2016.12, 2017.02 Writer for Stream Magazine

2016.12 Contributor for the book “Idol Maker”



2012.03~now Liner Note for Licensed Album / Warner Music Korea, Universal Music Korea, Sony Music Korea, Kang & Music, Musicaroma(Also wrote for Domestic Artists)

2013.03~now Writer for various streaming services like Melon, Genie, Bugs.

2013.11~now Writer for various fashion magazines like W Korea, Nylon Korea, Vogue Korea, etc




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