writing career


2011.02~2018.07 HIPHOPLE Editor / I was one of the administrators, operators, producers.

2011.11~2018.03 Editor of Scatterbrain

2013.06~now Writer of ILDA

2014.01~2016.12 Writer of weiv

2014.03~2016.12 Writer of Beehype

2014.12~2017.01 Editor of Idology

2015.03~2016.02 Press of Goham20

2017.01~now Red Bull Korea Editor

2017.03~now Writer of beSuccess

2018.03~now Writer of British Subculture

2018.03~now Contributor of SCMP Young Post

2018.09 Report “A&R: The makers of K-POP” at PUBLY



2016.01~2016.12 Writer of Big Issue Korea

2013.10 EBS International Documentary film Festival, Program Note Contributor

2014.05~2014.08 Contributor of KBS Journal

2015.05~2015.09 Guest Writer of ARENA Homme Plus

2015.05 Co-Writer for the book “American Hip-hop”

2015.12 Co-Writer for the book “Korean Music Industry Directory Book 2015”

2016.01~now Writer for Jazzpeople

2016.10, 2017.10 Jarasum International Jazz Festival, Program Note Contributor

2016.12, 2017.02 Writer for Stream Magazine

2016.12 Contributor for the book “Idol Maker”

2017 Contributor for SeMA event catalog for “Specimen Storage”

2018 Co-Writer for the book “Best Korean Albums 100 Review”

2018 Guide Paper for Seoul Jazz Festival x W KOREA


2012.03~now Liner Note for Licensed Album / Warner Music Korea, Universal Music Korea, Sony Music Korea, Kang & Music, Musicaroma(Also wrote for Domestic Artists)

2013.03~now Writer for various streaming services like Melon, Genie, Bugs.

2013.11~now Writer for various fashion magazines like W Korea, Nylon Korea, Vogue Korea, etc

2017 Writer for RBMA The Note “Bass Camp Seoul Edition”




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